Notation software review

Music Notation software for singers/ musicians

–supports:     Windows/ MacOS

–product/ pricing:     Harmony Assistant__US $85

Melody Assistant__US $25

Virtual Singer__US$25


PDFtoMusic Pro__US $199

OMeR__US $25

Hi-quality GOLD Sound base (Dnld version)__US $25

Hi-quality GOLD Sound base (CD-ROM)__US $37

Myriad CD-ROM__US $13

Awalé__US $10

Sapiens__US $10

Melody Assistant vs Harmony Assistant?

-Created score files  read with both                                                                                        -All features of Melody Assistant are available in Harmony Assistant

Many features are available in Harmony Assistant only:

-Harmony enables to edit your score in two modes

. . .scroll mode, bars /measures are drawn on a single row

. . . page mode, you can edit your score as it will be printed on paper-


. . .scroll mode only

Blog page for Myriad reviews (all in French, I think)



1 Response to “Notation software review”

  1. March 1, 2010 at 5:21 am

    I could only find one place for reviews of this product which incidentally is a blog page linked to their website.

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